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The Second Coming (LP/2019)

dwarfish strange smiling fish

Strange Smiling Fish (Vinyl 10“/1998/Psychotron Records)

  1. Yasmintree Strikes Back
  2. Moondemolution
  3. Back To The Anstalt
  4. Is There A King In The House
  5. Flying River
  6. Schwarzes Kaninchen

Sorry for the bombs (CD/1996/Psychotron Records)

  1. Song for Uhu (bring that Prince back)
  2. Closer
  3. Miss Understood
  4. Art of Seduction
  5. Sorry for the Bombs
  6. Yesterdie
  7. Ho Ho Coward
  8. Cowards End
dwarfish Album

Dwarfish (LP/CD/1994/Psychotron Records)

  1. Titanias Lullaby
  2. Sunlizard
  3. Papa’s Sperms
  4. Heroes